Old Havana Guesthouse «La Gárgola»

La Gárgola is a charming and standard-setting guesthouse in Old Havana. Reconstruction of La Gargola took over 12 months and was completed in November 2015.

It has 5 guest rooms for up to 11 travellers, and features original period floor tiles, French doors, and hand-made furniture.


This old house was built by a pharmacist who used to work with the mystic arts and summoned a very old gargoyle many many years ago to act as a guardian for the entrance to this house.

He has been jealously keeping vigil ever since. He doesn't allow any bad thoughts or negative feelings to enter, so as soon as people arrive, he deftly removes anything undesirable that might be tagging along, such as stress, fear or a bad mood.

The house offers you quietness, peace, comfort, safety, harmony, friendliness and love.

Since the gargoyle magically opens the door for you, you become part of our family and will be treated as such.

Welcome to our home!

It is a real pleasure to have you here with us!



  • Plugs 110/220v
  • 24h reception service
  • Air conditioned
  • Luggage storage
  • Hairdryer
  • Security box
  • En-suite bathroom


  • Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Cocktails
  • Beverages
  • Laundry
  • Transfers
  • Multilanguage

La Gargola is located in a popular tourist zone within the UNESCO heritage listed historic centre of Havana.

It's on a well-lit street opposite a police station and 3 blocks from the popular tourist sites of the Cathedral Plaza and the Bodeguita del Medio. It's also very near to the famous Malecon that is the seaside avenue that runs along the bay of Havana.


From Jose Marti Airport

By taxi: 25-30 CUC ($30 USD approx).

  • Orlando (Reception)

    I am fascinated by nature - both plants and animals. I also love meeting people and learning as much as I can about everything. I love my work here at La Gargola. I really enjoy helping people and then seeing their happy smiling faces. That gives me a lot of satisfaction. Our staff here has become sort of like a big family, so that keeps me loving my work. Welcome to La Gargola!

  • Marcos (Reception)

    Nice to meet you! My name is Marcos. When you come to the front door of La Gargola, I'll be the one that welcomes you. I'm available to help with whatever you need during your stay. You'll arrive as a client but by the time you leave Havana, I hope that it will be as my friend. It's always a pleasure for me to form new friendships and communicate in a language that is different from my native tongue. That is something that I really like about my work at La Gargola. Apart from that, the staff here are more like a family to me. That makes work pleasurable, and I look forward every day to come here to work. I also have a degree in Marketing and Public Relations, but I would like to perfect my language skills and one day became a tour guide.

  • Javier (Reception)

    Hello! I'm Javier, I'm a big fan of our own national Cuban products. I love Cuban rum and to drink one of our irresistible Cuban cocktails like the mojito. The best is to enjoy one of these while having a nice talk with my friends and watching the sunset. I also like salsa music, even if I'm not a great salsa dancer, I try my best and enjoy it like a pro :). I´ve been working at La Gárgola just for a couple of months and I already feel part of the family, everybody is very friendly, and when you stay here you will notice that too. Upon your arrival I’ll be waiting for you here at the hostal, and I'll be ready to help you as much as I can. I'm happy for you to ask me anything you want to know about Cuba or at least about Old Havana which is the area where we are located. I can suggest to you places that I like and ones that I go to myself. That way you can have a real experience in this beautiful area of the world where I also live since I was born.

  • Magdiel (Housekeeping)

    My name is Magdiel. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I’m a very friendly person and I like to help people. I love to cook and dance Cuban music. At La Gárgola we are like a big family, were we work to satisfy our guests. We are waiting to meet you!

  • Yiyi (Housekeeping)

    I work part-time in La Gargola, and I love it! Apart from the fun I have working with the others here it also helps me with some money to get by and to plan for the future. My dream is to one day have my own music school. I already have some students that I give lessons to at their homes. I'm grateful that the boss let's me practice my violin in the back room during my break.

  • Tina (Housekeeping)

    I'm really happy to be working in La Gargola as it's given me the chance to make new friends. I like dancing and watching movies and documentaries. I'm originally from Baracoa, which is famed as being the most beautiful part of Cuba. I'd love for you to go and visit!

  • Yaya (Housekeeping)

    I love dogs and my hobbies are playing guitar and volleyball. I know a bit about carpentry and design. I like having good friends especially sincere ones. I've very happy to be working here in La Gargola.

  • Yari (Bookkeeping)

    I'm one of the staff members of La Gargola. My favourite colours are red and blue. I like the natural world, to walk in natural areas and also the beach. I studied economics and I really enjoy that. I like to cook and to work with my hands. I love dancing and I'm a massive ice-cream fan.

  • Mandy (Security)

    I'm in charge of security in La Gargola. I like anything to do with modern technology, computers and new inventions. I like watching those TV series about that sort of stuff and also computer games. I really enjoy my work because our team here has become like a really nice family and I feel at home here.

  • Meria (Owner)

    Hi, I am Meria, Gargoyle’s mother, and as a mother I love La Gárgola. This hostal has been created with all love and passion. I believe in the magic of love, this is the only thing you need to make the world runs. My intention is that you feel like being at home. Please feel like part of our family. Anything you need don’t hesitate to ask us, we will do everything is in our hand. If you don’t see me all time at La Gárgola is because I am also the mother of three beautiful girls that keep me busy all day. Anyway all the Gargoyle’ family is prepared to receive you with all respect and love you deserve. Always waiting for you to come!